Zhongshan Lvpin Lighting Hardware Factory in China Zhongshan Guzhen lights Pioneer Park Huasheng Dong Cao three Nansanxiang Road No. 5, is a professional production of high-end wholesale LED Ceiling car aluminum shell accessories manufacturers. Large number of companies producing a variety of high-power 1W-30W LED Ceiling car aluminum shell, with a size of more than 50 sets of production equipment, under a mold, stamping, hydraulic department, CNC lathes, drilling department, tapping Ministry welding department, and so on, fully furnished, from mold, black embryo, NC-stop sourcing platform. Zhongshan City Lighting Hardware Factory Green product strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, operating characteristics of many varieties and the principle of small profits, win the trust of our customers. Your first choice for the development of business cooperation manufacturers.